Vinyl Flooring Installation – Is it Safe to Do Over Concrete?

by / Tuesday, 10 May 2016 / Published in Vinyl Flooring

Installing vinyl flooring to homes is one of the primary choices for homeowners whenever they have home improvement projects in mind. While it is a very attractive and convenient option for many, it should still be noted that you should be very careful when you try to install it directly over a concrete floor. The main reason as to why the utmost care is quite simple – moisture.

Vinyl Floors


Simply running your palm or fingers over the concrete subfloor is not enough to tell if it’s really dry or not. If you have not tested the area yet, you may find that the adhesive of the vinyl flooring will come loose and you will be left with a very unsafe situation, not to mention that the floorings won’t be coming up. Therefore, before doing any kind of vinyl flooring installation over concrete, make sure you take extra precautionary measures lest you will pay dearly afterwards.

To start with your precautionary measures, run a calcium-chloride test on the area. You can either purchase these tests or you can create them yourself. The reason for doing this test is to check the amount of water or moisture that is coming up and outside through the concrete slabs. Should the number acquired is too high, then you won’t be able to lay down your vinyl flooring directly on top of the concrete subfloor.

Even though if the levels are deemed acceptable but are close to failing, then you may still want to look for an alternative. The difference between passing and failing numbers could be so minute that you might be ending up replacing or repairing the flooring just after a very short period of time. After you have run the calcium-chloride test, there’s one more thing to do.

The next test, and possibly the more vital of the two, is for you to take an alkaline test on the area. Once again, this test can either be bought or administered yourself. If the test proves that there is too much alkaline in the area, then it will destroy the adhesive found in the vinyl floors.

If you’re having trouble with regards to vinyl flooring installation, then why not contact the professionals right from the get-go? It will save you so much time, effort, and money than doing all these things yourself. For professional vinyl flooring installation assistance, contact CCC Floors today.

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