Vinyl Floor Installation – Mistakes to Avoid

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There are some of us who don’t like to use slippers or other footwear while inside our homes. However, don’t you just hate the feeling of walking around a rough floor with your bare feet? Even though walking around your house with nothing but the skin on your feet is much cleaner (well, most of the time) than pacing around with slippers or shoes on, it does not promote the most comfortable experience.

Then you may decide to have a new project for your home – vinyl floor installation. With this flooring material, you know they are cost efficient, clean, and durable. These are the properties in which vinyl is known for. Oh, and they are easy to maintain as well.

However, don’t think that just because they are easier on the wallet (as compared to other flooring materials like hardwood), it doesn’t mean that installing them will be cakewalk. Once again, even though it is easier as compared to other floors to be installed, it is not without its own set of challenges. Vinyl is known to be difficult to be recycled. Hence, if installed incorrectly, it will have a permanent mark that won’t be the “apple of your eyes.”




Don’t fret though as knowing what the mistakes are will assist you in avoiding them during the installation process. The following are some errors to watch out for when doing vinyl floor installation.


Wrong adhesive

Contrary to what many might believe, adhesives for vinyl come in different types. Also, they are not interchangeable. So if you have an old vinyl adhesive lying around in your home and you think that you can still use that, stop thinking. If you don’t know what type of adhesive to use, consult an expert first.


Visible seam and opening of seams

Improper vinyl floor installation can cause the opening of seams and are an absolute eyesore. The worst case scenario here is that a loose seam will cause tripping which can damage your floor even more. Take your time when doing the task. Even though you may be in a hurry to complete the vinyl floor installation, make sure that you keep your mind out from any distraction.


Not calling professionals

While having a positive attitude is certainly not a bad thing, those who tackle on vinyl floor installation as a DIY project without having the proper knowledge and understanding about the upcoming job will cause more harm than good. Therefore, to e on the absolute safe side, it is best to get in touch with a reputable flooring installation company right at the onset. Companies, such as CCC Floors, will be able to assist you in all of your vinyl flooring installation needs.

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