Laminate Floors – A Quick Look at its Many Advantages

by / Monday, 07 March 2016 / Published in Laminate Flooring

If you’re looking for a floor that has the looks of hardwood but doesn’t cost as much, then consider laminate floors to be your chosen option. The reason why a lot of homeowners, designers, and even builders prefer such a floor is not as surprising as you might think. It is hard-wearing, the upkeep is very simple, and they are also very versatile.

Laminate Floors


The idea of the designs found in laminate floors is for them to imitate other flooring materials that are far more expensive, like hardwood. But there are designs that are not only limited to hardwood, but they also mimic the likes of stone, among many others.

Furthermore, the cost of getting them is only a fraction of other comparable flooring types. This is also perhaps its most appealing aspect for many, especially for household owners that are on a tight budget. For example, the laminate floors can imitate the looks of an elegantly-looking maple floor, but this can be done without breaking the bank.

In terms of installation, it is also easier and quicker to accomplish when comparing to other flooring types; and once again, that’s comparing it to hardwood floors. Installation can be done depending on what type of laminate floors were purchased. It can either be in planks, strips, or squares. Each type has its unique parts of the installation process. Nonetheless, they deliver an easier task as compared to installing hardwood floors.

Another great thing about such a floor is their versatility. It is practical to be installed in almost any part of the home. Comparing to other floor types wherein installing those on high-moisture areas is a big no-no, laminate can withstand moisture better and can even be easily wiped off when there are traces of liquid on it. Furthermore, it is even ideal to place such a floor on areas with high traffic.

When it comes to cleaning and upkeep, it also poses little hassle and challenge. To ensure that the longevity of the floors will last for a very long time, it will only take a few easy steps to take care of them. Regular cleaning can be done with just a broom or with wiping with a soft dry cloth.

If you’re interested in what you’ve just read and would want to install new laminate floors in your home, then consider getting the aid of professionals to do it. CCC Floors Chicago is here to assist you from start to finish.

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