Laminate Flooring Installation – Tips and Guides

by / Friday, 12 February 2016 / Published in Laminate Flooring

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If you’re the type of person who likes to handle home improvements projects as DIY, then you would be dared to install laminate floorings all by yourself. While it is not impossible, you will be met with challenges that can cost you a lot of time and money should you do something wrong.

Knowing what should be done is way better than just doing everything at the drop of a hat. Your first task is to get to know how to install laminate floors before you actually start with the process.

laminate flooring installation


Once you get to know what it is that needs to be done and you’ve purchased (or rented) all the necessary materials, then you can start with the room’s subfloor. Make sure that the underlying layer is flat and devoid of any dust, dirt, and small debris. Furthermore, should there be cracks and other damages existing on the subfloor, promptly fix them first. If you don’t, then you would have to deal with bumps and other discomforts when walking over your laminate floor.

The key to the best kind of laminate flooring installation is to have the planks fit perfectly, otherwise the whole process will just go up in smoke. When they don’t interlock properly, then don’t just hammer them down. Better check with the underlying layer first before you do anything drastic. Besides, hammering the planks down can cause further damages, and can therefore let you waste more time and money.

If you find that the tongue or grooves on your laminate planks are broken, then don’t bother installing them. Doing so will ruin the entire installation process. These can get damaged during the installation process so it is wise to handle everything with utmost care. Also note that there are low-quality laminates on the market that can damage easily, so do be wary about them.

Therefore, it is also important to check all of the planks first before laying them down. Make sure that there are no factory defects that may otherwise inhibit you from doing a good job.

If you still decide on doing laminate flooring installation by yourself, then you have a long way ahead of you. Otherwise, there is an easier solution and that is to let the professionals handle it. Experts in this industry, like CCC Floors, can assist you with all your floor installation needs from start to finish.

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